Features include:

  • 1200 dpi resolution
  • Bluetooth 3.0 technology
  • Advanced power management system automatically switches to low power mode during inactivity
  • Unique soft-touch finish offers the ultimate in all-day comfort
  • Unique battery compartment with hinge design securely holds and eases battery removal and installation
  • Exclusively contoured for both right and left-handed usage
  • Tilt wheel for four-way scrolling
  • Works on many surfaces; mousepad required only on glass or similar surfaces
  • Stealth Black color complements ThinkPad systems
  • Batteries included for most countries
  • ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse configurations:
    • 0A36407: ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse with batteries (for all countries, except: Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico)
    • 0A36408: ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse without batteries (Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico)
Electrical specifications
  • 3V, 40mA (maximum value)
Physical specifications
  • Approximate weight (exclusive batteries): 59 g (0.13 lb)
  • Approximate weight (inclusive batteries): 106 g (0.23 lb)
  • Approximate height: 32.2 mm (1.27 in)
  • Approximate width: 55.8 mm (2.20 in)
  • Approximate depth: 95.8 mm (3.77 in)


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